About Us

PowerPlay The Future showcases sport tech start-ups. Founders present their product to investors such as Angel and Venture Capitalists to gain investment to grow their product. PowerPlay The Future facilitates engagement with new customers, the building of relationships, knowledge transfer and understand the future trends in sports markets.

We are committed to supporting the development and growth of female founders in sports tech.

We want to host this event to connect founders to industry experts in areas such as branding and marketing communications, sports innovation, customer experience, the sport and physical activity industry and more.

Meet The Team

David Kreyling
David KreylingCEO
Leon Walton
Leon WaltonManaging Director
James Roach
James Roach Head of Media
 Chris Baker
Chris BakerHead of Partnerships
Fiona Grocock
Fiona GrocockHead of Finance and Operations
Gemma Willcock
Gemma WillcockHead of Product and People
Debbie Perks
Debbie PerksOperations Manager